GB Tubulars is an independent worldwide distributor of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) with a line of semi-premium casing connections designed specifically for enhanced performance requirements. With over 20 authorized facilities strategically located around the world, and over 20,000 tons of OCTG in stock, GB Tubulars is equipped to supply its customers with as many downhole solutions possible while maintaining its unbeatable service in an ever-changing energy industry.

Notice: Website Under Construction.

GB Tubulars issues White Paper Rotating Casing (July 2014).

GB Tubulars populates website with new performance sheets, notes, and running procedure. Updates will occur in batches over the next few months. Please call for information when requested sheets are not available (Feb. 2014).

GB Tubulars moves into new office (Nov. 2013).

GB Tubulars updates the Terms and Conditions of Sale (Nov. 2013).

GB Tubulars releases Blanking Dimensions Revision (Oct. 2013).

GB Tubulars develops documentation outlining recommended practices for handling, storage and preservation of casing at the well site.

GB Tubulars releases new revisions of all Connection Data Sheets.

GB Tubulars introduces the Connection Selector to help with picking the right GB Connection for your casing.

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